IT Smart Solutions: Effective solutions for IT companies’ development

Smart Solutions has 13 years of expertise in providing HR services for recruitment, IT staff expansion, and BPO, outsourcing, and outstaffing. We help businesses recruit developers, open a Back Office, and support IT companies worldwide in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In developing and improving Smart Solutions, we are always guided by the key idea: “Making a difference in people’s lives.” Our values are always based on Man – a happy employee, a professional who enjoys his job.

Since we have many customers in the IT industry, we decided to organize a separate line of IT Smart Solutions. We have combined under one brand modern solutions and great people who are increasing the efficiency of the business.

IT Smart Solutions takes care of all the tasks of searching and processing developers, calculating payments, organizing, operating, and providing client offices. Using our services, you get:

  • A reliable international HR and BPO partner
  • A staffed development team
  • No additional costs for legal and accounting transactions
  • Focus on development processes.

We now have offices in Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. It means you can apply for our services, and we will find you developers from any of these countries to help you with their registration, organization, and provision of workplace and equipment. Focus on the core processes, and IT Smart Solutions will do the rest.